Photoshop 1 Day Workshop

Workshop Description

Our Photoshop™ workshop is based on and very similar to our 8 week Photoshop™ course. Like the 8 week course, the workshop is intended to teach students effective, yet easy to understand methods of editing, retouching, "fixing" and improving" their photographs with an emphasis on quality. Using a combination of lectures and demonstrations, our instructors guide students through many of the techniques used to retouch and edit our photographs at the studio. Our instructors will use Photoshop CS 4 or CS6™ during lecture and demonstrations, students do not need to have the same version of Photoshop™ as the instructors. Students should keep in mind some features may not be in older or newer versions of Photoshop™. Likewise, some tools may be located in different menus within Photoshop™.


Workshop Topics Include

  • Learning your way around the Photoshop™ user interface (menus).
  • Learn many of the tools used for photo editing and retouching the tools.
  • Adjusting / Correcting exposure, color and contrast.
  • How to remove red-eye, blemishes, scars, stray hairs, etc.
  • Fixing closed eyes, bad smiles, etc. by copying parts from one photograph to another.
  • Working with layers.
  • Adjustments to help correct under and over exposure.
  • Creating collages from multiple photographs.
  • Adding text to images.
  • Much more.


A laptop is not required. You may bring a laptop however you will only be able to plug it in during the break, so please completely charge the battery prior to the workshop.


Workshop Size

1 to 12 students. Most groups have 6 to 10 students.

Dates and Times:

Starting Date: To be determined.
This workshop may also be scheduled as a 1 to 1 or small private group lesson.

For more information or to schedule your Private lesson course, please contact us.

To be placed on our waiting list or if you have any questions, please contact us.


To download the registration form and register by mail click here.

Register by phone at (513) 742-4552

Online registration is available for scheduled dates here (if the link is blacked out there are no available seats in the currently schedule workshops).


$130.00 per student for scheduled group workshop.

$130.00 for 1 to 1 Personal or small group workshop.

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