Chroma Key Photography (Green Screen / Blue Screen) Workshop


Workshop Description

This is a fast paced one day workshop comprised of lecture, hands on photography and computer editing. Students will participate by "being the photographer", assisting with lighting the subject and in the editing of the photographs. The day begins with a short lecture followed by a break, after which we begin hands on demonstration of the basics of Chroma Key Photography. After a lunch break, the instructor leads the students in progressively more advanced shoots and image editing all with the help of students.

Topics Include

  • Basic of Chroma Key lighting.
  • Advanced lighting in Chroma Key Photography.
  • Multiple strobes flash or continuous lighting units (Hot lights) for lighting your Chroma Key photo shoots.
  • Adding backgrounds in Photoshop.
  • Lighting tips to avoid problems in Chroma Key photography.
  • Using reflectors.
  • Much more.


Photographers attending this workshop should have a basic understanding of exposure, including flash exposure. Those who have completed our Digital Photography 101: The Basics and More! course and/or Lighting Workshop should be well prepared for this Workshop.

Although students are not required to bring a camera, students who own an SLR should bring it and one lens for the hands-on part of the workshop. Lenses in the 18mm - 135mm focal length range including zoom and fixed focal length (prime) lenses that include part or all of this range.

Students should not bring a laptop or tablet to the workshop.

Class Size

This course is only available Private Lesson basis.

Schedule and Registration

6 hours.

For more information or to schedule your Private Lesson please contact us.


$125.00 per student. Add up to 3 friends to your Private Lesson for $50.00 each.

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