Nikon Creative Lighting System

Workshop Description

Whether you have Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS) equipment, are planning to purchase your first CLS speedlight or are just curious about off camera wireless flash, this workshop walks you through using multiple Nikon Creative Lighting System™ speedlights to illuminate your photos. This workshop is a combination of lecture and demonstrations including student participation. Students are encouraged to bring their equipment to the workshop but do not have to, all demonstrations will be performed with the instructor's equipment. We will also demonstrate the Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 and AC3™ radio remotes during this exciting day of shooting and learning.


Workshop Topics Include

  • Basic of Using multiple speedlights (flashes).
  • Controlling the flash exposure compensation of all the speedlights from the camera.
  • Using the R1 and R1C1 macro speedlights.
  • General use of the Nikon Creative Lighting System™
  • Portrait lighting using the Nikon Creative Lighting System™ in the studio and on location.
  • Product shots with the Nikon Creative Lighting System™
  • Still Life Photography using Nikon Creative Lighting System™.
  • We will also demonstrate the Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 and AC3™ remote flash triggers.




Class Size

This course is only available private lesson basis.


Schedule and Registration

1 day.
6 hours

For more information or to schedule your private lesson please contact us.


$125.00 per student. Add up to 3 friends to your Private Lesson for $50.00 each.

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