Taking Better Sports Photos

Course Description

This course is primarily a non-technical course but students should have a working knowledge of the basic controls on their camera and the ability to produce photos with good exposure. Tthis is a lecture based class with some hands-on demonstrations in class. Students should have basic knowledge of the game and "where the action happens" in the sports they intend to photograph. Students are also given homework assignments that will help them master the techniques taught in class. Although not requireThis course has 2 different scheduling options see below for more details.


Course Topics Include

• Shutter speeds and stopping action.
• Creatively blurring the action.
• Panning.
• Composition tips for sports photography.
• Finding the best location from which to photograph sporting events.
• Understanding and using auto focus in an action environment.
• Choosing the best ISO, exposure mode, focus mode, lenses and resolution settings for sports photography.
• Spots photography tips, tricks and more!



• Digital SLR and lens, Micro Four Thirds, Nikon1, and similar cameras with removable lenses.
• Memory card.

If you are not sure if you camera can be used for this course please ask us.

Class Size

1 to 5 students


Schedule and Registration

1 day.
4 hours.

2 days.
1 hour 30 minutes each day.

This workshop is only offered as a 1 to 1 or small group private lesson.

For more information or to schedule your Private lesson course, please contact us.

To be placed on our waiting list or if you have any questions, please contact us.



$130.00 per student for 1 to 1 the workshop.

$ 75.00 per student for small groups up to 5 students.

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