Advanced Digital Photography

Course Description

This course is very "hands on" consisting of short lectures and lots of hands-on demonstrations and practice. Individual classes may be in the classroom or in the field depending on the weather conditions and the topics being discussed. Our Advanced Photography Course covers some of topics from our Digital Photography 101 The Basics and Beyond! course in more detail as well as many new topics. Students will use their cameras in most classes,and weather permitting many classes will be hands-on in the field. There will be homework after each class in which students will apply the techniques learned in class to real world photography.

Course Description

• Advanced metering.
• Introduction to using multiple flashes/strobes and lighting.
• Using photographic filters.
• Camera settings for "picture control". Contrast, Color Mode, Saturation, etc.
• White Balance.
• Advanced Exposure.
• Panning.
• Posing.
• Choosing the best camera settings for different situations.
• "Putting the pieces of the photography puzzle together" - How to apply what you have learned to real world situations.
• Much More.


Students must successfully complete our Digital Photography 101: The Basics and Beyond! or pass our basic photography test and have the instructor's approval prior to registering.

dSLR or "Micro Four Thirds", Nikon 1, Canon M series and similar cameras may be acceptable. If you are not sure if you camera can be used for this course please contact us.

Class Size

4 - 12 students. Most classes have 6 - 10 students.


8 weeks.
1 class per week.
2 hours per class.

Dates and Times

Group B
Beginning Date: Tuesday July 18th 2017
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Location: Lebanon/Wilmington - please contact us before registering for this course to confirm you and your camera meet the perrequisites for this course.

To be placed on our waiting list or if you have any questions, please contact us.


To download the registration form and register by mail click here.

Register by phone at (513) 742-4552

To register on-line click here. On line registration is not available as this course is full and under way.


$175.00 per student.

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