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Before continuing to our web store please read the following information:

The images you will see in our web store are low resolution which means they may appear a little fuzzy. They are also"PROOF" quality which means the images have only had basic editing for the web store but the final editing to optimize the images for printing has not been performed. We will use the original high resolution images to fill your order and we will crop (resize) and edit every image as needed for color, brightness, contrast, retouching, etc. to ensure you receive the highest quality image we can produce for you. If you would like to request special cropping please do so at the end of the order process in the "Special Instructions" box.

Samples of Collages, Selective Color Removal, Sepia Toning and other products can be seen by clicking here.

Size and proportion are important to remember when ordering photos. Most cameras create an image that is approximately a 2:3 ratio also often called "Full Frame" which is not the same ratio as certain popular photo sizes. This means a portion of the original image (and proof) from the camera is often cropped out in the editing process to properly size the image for printing. We take this in consideration when photographing the formal photos at weddings, portraits & other events by leaving a little "extra space" to accommodate for the cropping. To see samples of size and proportion please click here.

The delivery time for most products is 2 to 4 weeks however some orders will arrive sooner and some may take longer. For more information on delivery times or to arrange for rush service contact us BEFORE you place the order.

By clicking on the link to view and order photos below, you confirm that you have read, understand and agree to our ordering terms and conditions which can be found by clicking here.

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